How I Work With Individuals

I work with individuals with a variety of issues and specialize in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and issues related to pregnancy. I help people who are stuck in their lives and want to feel and relate to others differently. Stuckness or unhappiness is often caused by a skewed view of oneself, formulated early on due to inevitably imperfect parents and/or life circumstances. In my practice I consistently see people gain insights that completely change their experience in the world, if not the immediate circumstances of their lives. For example, a person who has had an overriding experience of being “bad” or “unloveable” can get to the point of truly believing they are good and worthy of success and love. Once people have a more accurate view of themselves they feel differently–generally happier and more at peace–and their lives begin to reflect the progress they have made.

My style is warm, intuitive, thoughtful and engaged. Clients generally come one time per week for a 50 minute session, and sometimes more often.

Individual clients come to me for help with:


-compulsive or disordered eating



-life transitions

-relationship problems, gay and straight

-issues related to sexuality


-low self-esteem

-self-destructive behaviors

-feeling lost

-spiritual issues

-performance anxiety


I deeply respect a client’s intelligence about their own healing process. While I see myself as the knowledgeable guide and expert in psychology, I also have confidence in you as the expert in your life. What I find works best is to together find solutions to the issues that bring you to therapy. I encourage you to call me if you’d like to get a better sense of whether or not I may be the right therapist for you. If I think someone can be more helpful to you, I will provide you with referrals.