My goal is to help you create lasting change that will benefit you long after our work is done.

My Approach to Psychotherapy

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 46749), I am committed to helping individuals and couples use the struggles that show up in their lives to grow, heal and achieve a higher level of functioning and happiness.

I believe therapy is an opportunity to transform pain and dissatisfaction into clarity and more satisfying relationships with others and a more solid sense of self. So often people choose to manage their pain with food, alcohol, TV, unhealthy relationships and other distractions. They may shut down emotionally in their relationships.

There comes a time when whatever was working in the past is no longer working, resulting in depression, anxiety, hopelessness, disconnection and/or a intimate relationship on the brink of disintegration.

I think finding an alternative to suffering requires three simple things: (1) mustering up the courage to reach out for help, (2) finding a therapist that you think can help you, and (3) committing to taking a look at what was previously unexamined. The reward? Clarity, consciousness and awareness that can make your struggles more manageable or disappear and your life and relationships richer.